Fire Extinguishers:
Every fire extinguisher is required to have periodic maintenance per the Ohio Fire Code and the National Fire Protection Association. Lake Erie Fire Inspections offers yearly inspections and certification of fire extinguishers. We will let you know what you need and what we recommend. Recharge/Refill/6 Year Inspections: Lake Erie Fire Inspections offers some of the most inexpensive prices on these services. Hydrostatic testing, yes we offer that service too. We pride ourselves on offering highly competitive and reduced prices.

Fire Alarm Inspections:
Lake Erie Fire Inspections offers quality fire alarm inspections using state and NFPA standards. Not only are fire alarm inspections mandatory, but most insurance offer a discount for having an updated inspection report on file. Lake Erie Fire Inspections does not do repairs, so we can offer an unbias, legitimate and accurate inspection at a fair price. We can offer 'sensitivity' testing on most systems.

Sprinkler Inspection:
Sprinkler Systems are required by the state to be inspected annually. Building officials, fire departments and insurance underwriters are cracking down and enforcing code required inspections of automatic sprinkler systems. The best way to avoid conflict with these officials is to have a service contract that satisfies their requirements.