Regular inspections of your building's fire extinguishers, sprinklers and alarm systems are a must today. More and more court cases are ruling against building owners for improper system maintenance and faulty sprinkler and fire alarm systems. Don't let this happen to you.

Building officials, fire departments and insurance underwriters are cracking down and enforcing state code required inspections of automatic sprinkler systems and fire alarms. The best way to avoid any conflict with these officials and avoid fines is to have an inspection contract that satisfies their requirements.

Lake Erie Fire Inspections will provide both your business and your local fire department having jurisdiction a copy of the inspection report. This report is good for a year and satisfies Ohio regulations on that system for the year. We will also put you on an annual schedule and arrange the inspection each year, so you do no not have to.

All buildings having a fire alarm, sprinkler system, or fire extinguishers must have them inspected annually. This applies to offices, warehouses, places of worship, apartments and any commercial building.

Let Lake Erie Fire Inspections help keep your business compliant with state fire prevention codes.

We are licensed and insured.

We can beat most prices.


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